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About Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Pro itself is an android video editing application, which you can use to change images to move, this application is equipped with a variety of interesting and quality features.

In it there are features that will help us in the video editing process in adjusting the colors of visual effects and making graphics move and will add other elements such as images, audio, text and others.

The results of editing using this application can be exported to MP4 or GIF format.

Now you need to know, if this application also comes in two versions, namely, the free version and the pro version. For the pro version itself is a paid variant, the price of this version is quite expensive.

The advantage of this paid version is that all premium features will be unlocked and the editing results will also be more satisfying.

Now with this application, users can very easily create moving images, but if you don’t have the money to be able to upgrade to the pro version, you don’t need to be confused.

Because some developers have made this application so it has premium features that are already open and can be obtained for free.

This Alight Mition Mod application can run on Android devices, with a size of only 15MB you can create very cool and interesting works to upload on social media.

Features of Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk

As a video and photo editing application, of course this application has also had cool and interesting features.

The feature that we will explain is also an interesting feature that can make your editing results cooler.

This can also be adapted to some of your needs, so what are the superior features in this application? You can see the following reviews:

Available Video and Audio Layers

Users can compose audio and video in general as they do in other video editing applications.

One of them is being able to create several scenes in the video and audio sections to arrange them into one with this layer feature.

Creating Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is a feature that we can use to change the transition into an animated video display, and this effect can make your video more static and will look clearer.

Not only that, you can also give a frame to the display of the video you are editing so that it adds more motion animation effects.

The appearance itself can be considered quite complicated, especially for a beginner doing video editing projects.

But you don’t have to worry, all you need to do is try to edit the video with a keyframe layer and later you will get used to it.

Wide Choice of Fonts

When editing anime videos, text is also one of the important elements for us to add to a video.

This text is very useful for providing a more detailed description and explanation in a video about the appearance of titles and information.

When using the free version, fonts are available but are still very limited, so if you use the pro version, you can freely choose fonts with unique variations that you can use.

Not only fonts are already available in this application, but you can also import fonts from outside and install them in this application.

Available Color Adjustment Pengaturan

This feature allows you to create videos with additional color effects on the sides of the video you are editing.

Now this will give all sides of your video so that it has a color that can be adjusted according to your own wishes.

If you have problems with manual adjustments, this application can also make color adjustments automatically, so you no longer need to determine which color effects are balanced or not.

Easy Video Blending Process

This feature can quickly and easily combine several videos into one video with the help of the video blending feature.

If you use a video editing application, it will be very difficult to combine several videos because the process required will be quite long.

However, if you use the Alight Motion Pro application, you don’t have to wait any longer to combine several videos into one.

Complete Visual Effects Display

You can add visual effects to the video that you are going to edit and these effects make your edits more professional.

Various types of visual effects are available in the Alight Motion Pro version, including:

Slow motion filter effect.
Various types of font styles.
Blur or blur effect.
Wallpapers like real.

Then in this pro version, the available visuals will automatically be added to every developer who has updated this application.

So you don’t have to worry about visual effects that are really cool to use and which ones you feel are very suitable for interesting videos.

Support XML and XMP Presets

For those of you who feel like taking a pause video, there are several video templates that you can input into the video editing process.

Pause videos on the Tiktok or Instagram applications often go viral, now one of the applications that likes to edit these types of videos, can use Alight Motion Pro.

Alight Motion Pro Without Watermark

If in the free or free version, the results of video or image editing will have a watermark, but not for the pro version.

Of course we will feel annoyed if our editing results have a watermark blocking, and our editing results that were previously very cool will look normal because there is a watermark blocking.

To overcome all that, you can upgrade the free Alight Mition version to the pro version, so that the watermark in it disappears.
No Ads

Almost all applications or games currently display a lot of advertisements which will definitely annoy all users.

Now because the Alight Motion that we share is a pro version, make sure there are no ads that will disturb you in the video editing process.

Export Files With All Formats

After finishing making the video you want with the pro version, this Alight Motion application has provided several options for exporting to various formats.

Not only exporting, you can share files created on smartphone devices using Bluetooth and share via email.

At least there are several main options for exporting files, namely GIF, DAT, PNG, AVI, 3GP, MP4, MKV formats and many more.

So, those are some of the premium features that you can get, actually there are many other features in the application, but you can try it yourself later after downloading and installing it.

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